Video Tutorials

Quite often I receive calls about the same topic.  To help my clients I create video tutorials so they can fix common issues on their own.  If there are subjects you'd like to a video tutorial on please Contact Us.

A quick way to see how much RAM you currently have, how much is being used, and how to check what kind you have.

This is an example of a fake virus warning. In this case it’s a fake Norton Anti-Virus warning, but it can disguise itself as many things. This video will show you what to look for and how to disable it.

Many times there is a program you use constantly that you want quick access to.  The easiest thing to do is to add it to your taskbar.  There are also occasions when you may accidentally delete it from your taskbar or you want to tidy up your taskbar.  This quick tutorial will help with all these.

For those who do a lot of printing with Adobe PDF or from your browser the Windows 10 update may be causing you some issues with formatting. This quick tutorial shows you how to switch your default programs back to Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader.
How to import favorites and bring back favorites bar to the new Edge browser or bring back Internet Explorer.
How to import pictures from your camera's SD card to your Windows 10 computer